Demoscene Releases

What is the Demoscene?
Platform: Raspberry Pi + LED Sign
Group prod as The Paramedics
Released at TRSAC
Achived 2nd place!
Here Be Dragons
Platform: Dragon 32
Another Slipstream group Dragon 32 Prod on tape
Released at NOVA 2022's Oldschool Demo compo
Achieved 2nd place!
Platform: Raspberry Pi
Custom teletext service for NOVA 2022
MIDI Massacre
Platform: Music
Entry for NOVA 2022's Streaming Music compo
Achieved 1st place!
Platform: PC
OpenMPT port of the Atari ST ST-NICCC Demo
The Green Machine
Platform: Dragon 32
A Slipstream Dragon 32 Prod on tape
Released at Field-FX 2022's Demo compo
Achieved 1st place!
Raccoons! In Search of Party
Platform: PC
Group prod with Slipstream
Released for Revision PC compo
Contributed 2D Graphics
Sharp Sheep Shark Field
Platform: TIC-80
Dual invitro for Field-FX and Inercia,
Released for Revision 2022's Wild compo by
"The Lawn Mowers International Association",
Achieved 2nd place!
Revision Satellite Party Invite
Platform: TIC-80
Invitro for Field-FX's Revision 2022
satellite party "London-FX"
Happy Birthday, Fluttershy!
Platform: TIC-80
Birthday-tro for Fluttershy/TUHB,
group prod by FieldFX Allstars
Platform: TIC-80
Demo for Field-FX Silvester's Fantasy
Console compo
Achieved 1st place!
Nominated for a Meteorik Award for New Talent

Platform: BBC Micro
Festive Teletext scroller for Field-FX Silvester's
wild compo
Achieved 1st place (it was the only wild entry)
G'day Syntax!
Platform: TIC-80
Intro for Sytax 2021's Wild compo
Achieved 1st place!
The Welsh Demo
Platform: TIC-80
Silly demo about Wales for
Lovebyte Battlegrounds 2021
TôBach Tracks
Platform: BBC Micro
Music disk for the SN76489
Collab with Bitshifters Collective
Platform: NES
Port of Nyan Cat to the Nintendo NES